The Essential Clean Car Kit: Pooch on Board

Clean Car Kit | Poochie-Pets

What should you take in the car when you’ve got your pooch on board? Cheryl Pederson, owner of Poochie-Pets LLC, shares what she keeps on hand.

“My pug Gibby travels with me each day in the car to and from work. We spend our quality time together discussing politics, weather and stopping by our local coffee stop for our morning treats. As much as I love the open air and quality time with my guy, the car is a bit ‘hairy’. I’ve found putting together a small kit to keep in the car provides me with the essential stuff I need for messes and possible park stops.

Essential Clean Car Kit

  1. The Dry SpongeThis thing is amazing! Wipe any surface with it and hair sticks to the sponge instead of everywhere else, no water needed.
  1. To-Go Pet TowelA must-have to clean or dry off dirty and wet dogs, and handy to spread out as a seat protector, keeping it scratch-free, dirty-free, and cool for your pooch to sit on, especially if your car has leather seats that frequently turn into frying pans.
  1. Safety Light & LeashI always keep a safety light on the D ring of my leash. If we need to stop somewhere, I clip on the leash to Gibby’s collar. The light is great for dusk and night walks.
  1. Handy Wipes – The go-to clean all for small messes like sticky hands and drool, these wipes are a daily necessity.
  1. Sandstone Car Coaster I’ve found putting these in the bottom of my car’s cup holders make it easier to clean drips and spills.

What items do you find helpful to take along with your pooch?

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