The Grand-Dog: A PoochieLife Story

The Grand-dog | A PoochieLife Story
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“No matter how long we are apart, my grand-dog’s excitement is a consistent reminder that family always brings out the best in me.”

Dianne is part of our PoochieLife community and shared her story about the dog in her life who makes her a better person through his loyalty and love.

“Miles is my daughter Julia and her husband Henry’s dog, whom I call my grand-dog. Despite not seeing them very often, there’s no question that Miles recognizes me and my husband Craig whenever we get together. I love his enthusiasm and tail wagging as he greets us. He’s very affectionate and loves to snuggle on the couch—he will just plop himself down on top of your lap like he’s a little dog. He reminds me of how special everyone in our family is, and how precious our times together are. It’s also fun for me, as a parent, to see Julia and Henry take care of him, and how much he adores them.”

Dianne also shared how Miles came into her life and what they do together as a family:

“Miles is a Beagleman—a Beagle and German Shepherd mix. With big floppy beagle ears and the coloration of a shepherd, Miles is one clever, sweet, loyal and playful dog. To me, he is particularly special because he reminds me of my first dog whom I loved dearly. Miles just turned two, though all through his puppyhood he has been calm and gentle. When Julia and Henry brought Miles into their lives when he was weeks old, they were a few months away from getting married. My husband and I thought they were crazy given all that was on their plate, but Miles was actually a godsend. Adopting him brought a new responsibility and focus to their lives. I could really tell how much more relaxed they became!

We often go for long walks together. Miles, in the front, periodically turns around to make sure everyone is still with him. His house abuts a horse farm, and Miles loves to run down to the fence and greet the horses. He runs alongside them if they are running, or chews grass if they are chewing grass. He may think he’s a horse; either that or to him they are extremely large dogs. Whatever the case, Miles is always entertaining!”

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