The Poochie-Pets Story

Poochie-Pets was formed from the creation of PoochieBells®, a dog potty doorbell. Since the very first jingle, over 10 years ago, I have continually recognized that I became a better person through my relationship with Oscar (our first bell ringer) and now with Gibby, Wilson and Louis. The evolution of this company and my everyday life alongside my faithful companions, continually highlight each day how I am a better person because of their involvement in both.

-Cheryl Pedersen, Founder

Each new morning, one of the first sets of eyes to welcome you to another day is your dog. Excitingly awaiting their breakfast, like it’s a gourmet meal , yet no different than the day before, they surely think you are the chef you seem to be. Off to work you go, while your dog waits patiently for your return, forever faithful (much unlike many others who have come and gone in your life). Open the door and it’s as if you just returned from a long journey, ready to shower you with undivided love and happiness. Imagine if you greeted your other loved ones this way each day. A routine walk outdoors with your dog is an adventure and opportunity to go where you may notice a stunning, random gift of nature, perhaps an amazing sunset, that you may have been too busy to notice otherwise. You may have an encounter with another person that you may not have met otherwise; quite possibly a new lifelong friend. Get out there and be social!

Your dog will always be there for you because of who you genuinely are, in fact, he thinks you are the best person out there.

We, at Poochie-Pets deeply believe that our mission is to foster this real love into your life and in doing so to make you a better person with your dog.

We all share this common energy and love between all dog parents worldwide. We happily want you to join our tribe and embrace this understanding, reach to be the person your dog thinks you are.