Tiny Therapy Dog Gizmo is a Big Thing!

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Big Love In an Adorably Tiny Therapy Dog

Have you heard about this pooch star, Gizmo the therapy dog and his amazing handler? On Facebook he’s a public figure, and has appeared in such prominent places as the American Dog Magazine, radio shows, and the Pet Network. However, he is usually found in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and assisted living centers, giving love and joy to people who need it.

This friendly little ball of fur is Gizmo, a therapy dog with Paws For Friendship Inc., an international non-profit organization based in Florida. Their volunteers’ mission is “…sharing the unconditional love of their personal pets with people in need.”

Gizmo Gets Around Connecticut For the Greater Good

Gizmo and his handler Jen are very busy. They help to support numerous causes, charities, organizations and groups that benefit the community, appearing at events and spreading the word via Facebook. For fundraising, Gizmo’s cute furry face has been put on t-shirts and sculpted into clay. Their travels take them throughout Connecticut. Among his most interesting (recent) trips was a visit to a mentoring program for girls in Wisconsin, and to the House of Representatives during the 2015 legislative session. Check him out on Facebook or his very own home on the web: Gizmo’s Corner!

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