Traveling with Your Dog: Tips for the Air and the Road

Traveling with Your Dog | Poochie-Pets

Dogs and trips go together—who would want to vacation without their best furry friend? Today, what makes travel with your dog difficult is all the different regulations trains, planes, buses and other means of transportation have regarding taking along a pet. However, with enough planning ahead, a trip with your pooch can go very smoothly. David Fine from Bark N Bag has some great tips to share with us about traveling with your dog:

By Air

When flying with your dog, it is important to find the right sized on-board carrier. Just because your bag was labeled “airline approved” in the store does not mean it will fit under the seat. Being “airline approved” only means an animal cannot break out of the container. Whether or not the carrier will fit depends upon the plane.  All have different dimensions. When making reservations with the airline, ask them what sizes work well. Bark N Bag’s carriers have a 1 ½” flex so they can fit under most seats. Before you fly, limit the amount of water and food your dog eats—you want to empty out their system. The same goes for giving them treats on the plane. While flying, dogs can lick ice to stay hydrated.

By Car

Though we may be accustomed to letting our dogs hop in the car for a short ride to the park, the store, or the vet, for a long trip especially it is essential that dogs be secured. Containing your dog will keep you both safe. Fortunately there are many options available. Harnesses that fit into seat belts are great for medium-size dogs that would still like to be with you during the drive. Carriers are great for small dogs, and crates give your big dogs a space of their own that they can be comfortable in.

By Urban Transport

All metros and subways allow animals on them if they are in a bag. The exception is, of course, a certified service animal. Taxis are the same way, though you may luck out and find one that allows your big dog. With Uber and other services, it depends upon your driver. When your driver texts you back before they reach your location, let them know you have an animal and negotiate from there.

By Train

Amtrak has recently changed their policies concerning pets on trains, and now have select trains that allow dogs and cats. See their article for more information.

Behavior on Public Transportation

Train your dog well before you travel with them—an aggressive dog is not welcome anywhere. If you use a carrier or tote, make sure your dog is trained for it. Crates and carriers can be a comfortable, familiar space for your dog when trained properly. Otherwise, they will scratch, claw, whine and bark since they are not used to being inside that space. Make a checklist for trips so you never forget your dog’s necessities—wet food, dry food, medications, your own tap water if needed, toys, their treats, and anything else that is part of their normal routines. PoochieBells travel well—hang them where you are staying and your dog can use them just like he or she does at home.”

Do you have any tired and true advice for traveling with your pooch? Let us know in a comment below!


About Bark N Bag

Bark N Bag is a pet luggage manufacturer known for their stylish, functional and eco-friendly bags. The lining of their bags is made of recycled plastic bottles, the support system is made from organic bamboo, and the fabric liners are organic cotton so dogs will not get sick if they chew on it. You can find their products in pet boutiques and on

David Fine started Bark N Bag about 11 years ago. Before, he worked for another luggage company in product development and decided he could create his own business around a pet-oriented line. They are located in New Jersey, housed in what was previously a luggage factory built during the 1890s.


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